Pensacola North

RV Resort 


When you get here, you’ll first go to our clubhouse, which is right at the front of the resort, to the north side. It’s the spot where you check in and start your stay with us.


Inside, we’ve got everything you might need like bathrooms with showers, a place to do your laundry, and a lobby area to hang out in.

Outside the clubhouse, there’s a big porch that goes all the way around it. It’s a really nice place to sit down, relax, and enjoy the quiet. It’s perfect for taking a break and soaking in the peaceful atmosphere of the resort.


Our heated pool is located in the front of the resort to the east of the clubhouse. It is fenced in, crystal clear, and the perfect place to cool off. On the pool decking you can find tables, chairs, and loungers for soaking up the sun.

The pool is open from 9 AM till 9 PM and does not have a lifeguard on duty. Please read the pool rules before enjoying this wonderful amenity. There is no glass or pets allowed in the pool area.

Per the Health Dept. Commercial Bottled Water Only No Smoking or vaping permitted in the pool or on the pool deck.


We welcome all pets here at Pensacola North. In order to stay compliant with Florida Leash Laws, please keep your pet on a leash at all times. Pets may not be left unattended outside of your RV at any time. Please do not leave them alone in a crate or tethered at your site. Permission must be granted from the office for temporary fencing around your RV.

Please be a courteous dog parent and pick up after your dog. We have three dog waste bag stations located throughout the park. The far east of the park has a small enclosed dog run to let your pooch walk around with no leash. Please make sure you pick up their waste inside the enclosure.

Do no allow excessive barking inside or outside of your RV. Failure to abide by our pet policy may result in early termination of your stay.

When you arrive at Pensacola North RV Resort, the first place you’ll visit is our welcoming clubhouse, located at the resort’s northern entrance. It’s not just where you check in; it’s also where you’ll find many of our amenities. Inside, there are two restrooms complete with showers, a laundry room for your convenience, and a cozy lobby. Outside, the clubhouse features a wrap-around porch that offers the perfect spot to sit back, relax, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Right in front of the resort, to the east of the clubhouse, is our heated pool. It’s a crystal-clear oasis, surrounded by a secure fence, where you can cool off and enjoy the water. Around the pool, we’ve placed tables, chairs, and loungers for you to relax and soak up the sun. The pool area is a great spot for fun from 9 AM to 9 PM, but remember, there’s no lifeguard on duty, so please make sure to follow all the pool rules for a safe and enjoyable time.

Safety and cleanliness are important to us, especially around the pool area. That’s why we ask that there’s no glass or pets allowed near the pool, to keep it a safe place for everyone. We also follow the Health Department’s rules, allowing only commercial bottled water in the pool area. Additionally, for the comfort of all our guests, smoking or vaping is not permitted in the pool or on the pool deck. This helps ensure that everyone can have a pleasant and healthy experience while enjoying the water.

Pensacola North RV Resort is proud to be a pet-friendly destination. We welcome all pets, but we do ask that you follow some simple rules to keep everyone happy and safe. Keep your pets on a leash at all times, in line with Florida’s Leash Laws, and never leave them unattended outside your RV. We even have a small enclosed dog run in the park’s far east where your furry friends can roam leash-free. However, remember to clean up after your pets, whether at your site, around the park, or in the dog run, to maintain a clean and welcoming environment for everyone.

We strive to make sure that all our guests, including our four-legged ones, have a great time. By following our pet policy, you help us create a friendly and respectful community at the resort. With dog waste bag stations located throughout the park and rules against excessive barking, we ensure that everyone’s stay is as enjoyable and peaceful as possible. Remember, not adhering to these policies might lead to an early end to your stay, but by working together, we can ensure a fantastic experience for all our guests at Pensacola North RV Resort.