Pensacola North

RV Resort 

Resort Guidelines

At Pensacola North RV Resort it is our goal to keep the grounds looking just like the first day we opened (2020) with this in mind we ask the following:

  •  Please keep site clean at all times (No cigarette butts, trash, paper, or pet deposits should be left on sites at any time).
  •  No clothing lines, or clothes hanging out to dry.
  •  Fire pits are permitted as long as the fire is up off the ground, located in a self-contained unit with a cover.
    Please make sure not to damage the grass or concrete pad.
  •  No boats with trailers, jet skis with trailers, regular trailers, or storage trailers are allowed at PNRVR, unless special arrangements for parking have been made in advance of arrival. (Please call office for details or questions).
  •  Any work done on vehicles must have prior approval by management.
  •  No tent camping allowed at this time.
  •  No Firearms or fireworks allowed in the resort

Even though you may only be staying for a short time it is important to be a good neighbor at our RV Resort. Other guests around you are trying to enjoy their stay (just like you) and the next guest will be using your site once you leave. Following these “ten commandments” of RVing will ensure that everyone has a great time!

  1. Observe Site Boundaries – please do not cut through people’s yards.
  2. Be Conscious of Noise – Remember that noise shouldn’t travel far beyond your own slice of real estate.
  3. Be a Responsible Dog Owner – Always keep dogs on a leash and immediately clean up after them.
  4. Empty the tanks discreetly – Be considerate and try not to empty the tanks when your next door neighbors are out relaxing in their yard.
  5. Safely enjoy your campfire – Build fires only in approved above ground containers with a cover.
  6. Turn off outside lights – Double check to make sure that your exterior lights are turned off before turning in for the night.
  7. Leave the site as you found it – Remember this site is on loan to you and it’s important to not make any permanent changes.
  8. Make Friends – Put down your electronic device and look for opportunities to be friendly just like in the good ol’days.
  9. Lend a helping hand – Passing on expertise is a truly wonderful tradition in the RV Culture, just be sure to let your fellow RVer focus when parking – we were all rookies once.
  10. Pay it forward – You can brighten your neighbor’s day by lending an extra hose, giving out your unused firewood; it’s often these little things that make the RVing experience a special thing.



Florida has specific rules in regards to your sewer connection so here is what we need you to know:

  •  Florida law requires a sewer donut (threaded connection) to be used on all sewage hoses.
  •  Please use your black water holding tank (open valves and dump as needed).
  •  Use chemicals to help dissolve solids. Do not pour grease or other objects down sewage lines.



Each of our 38 sites is equipped with a Midwest RV Pedestal. Our pedestals include the following features:

  • One piece enclosures constructed from galvanized steel.
  • Installed .5 Watt LED site light.
  •  Hose and cable brackets (be sure to bring your coaxial cord to connect to the cable).
  • 120/240 volt single phase, 125 Amp.
  •  50 Amp (14-50R), 30 Amp (TT30R) and 20 Amp GFCI Weather Resistant Receptacle.
  •  Single or dual steel 1/4 turn ball valves with 3/4” hose bibs and stainless steel handles.



Our 15 x 25 foot swimming pool is a lot of fun; it will cool you down in the summer months and warm you up in the winter but the pool rules must be followed.

  •  NO lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk
  •  No diving.
  •  Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the pool without an adult.
  •  Children in non-swim diapers are not permitted in the pool.
  •  No glass, pets, bicycles, or skateboards in the pool area.
  • Per the Health Dept. Commercial Bottle Water Only.
  • No Smoking or Caping permitted
  •  Pool hours are 9 AM to 9 PM daily.



Pet owners, we hope you will continue to help us with our efforts in keeping our resort clean and pet friendly by letting us know if our policies are being met or not. If you see another pet owner not following our policies, please let us know.

  •  All pet owners must keep their pets on a leash at all times, even late night and early mornings. Limit 3 pets per site.
  •  Pet owners must clean up after pets immediately even when on their own site (Clean up bag(s) must be visible when walking your dog). Young children should not walk the dog.
  •  Please, no pets allowed in restrooms or showers.
  •  Please do not leave your pets outside of RV unattended at any time. Fences & cages are not allowed, unless approved. You may not leave them tied or crated outside while you are not outside with them. (You must be outside with your pet).
  •  Pets should NOT be walked on other campers’ sites.
  •  If there is a pet mess on your site, we will assume it is from your pet. Please inform the office if other pet owners bring their pet onto your site and we will speak to them.
  • Excessive barking inside and outside will not be tolerated. Management has the right to ask you to leave with no refund.



Due to limited space available each site at PNRVR is permitted to have ONLY one vehicle (not including RV) per site unless approved by management.

  •  Our rates are based on one vehicle (i.e. one tow vehicle or one pull vehicle) and one RV per site.
  • Any vehicle not approved by management will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Family reunions and multiple car parties are not allowed unless specific arrangements have been made with management concerning the parking in advance.
  • No boats/jet skis on trailers, trailers or storage trailers may be stored on RV site.



Three (3) day cancellation notice required (not including check in day) on all reservations .

  • No refunds made on deposits or paid in full deposits
  • There will be no refunds for early departure.
  •  Solely PNRVR management determine Credit and Refund requests. Request for special refunds or credits must be made in writing providing full proof of emergency circumstances claimed. Please email these requests to: [email protected]




When forwarding mail to the RV Resort please perform what the post office calls a “temporary forward” for the period of your reservation. If you do a complete forward to our commercial address you will not be able to change this address forward back to a residential mailing address.

Mailing Address: 7800 Pine Forest Road, Pensacola FL 32526. Please add your name if you plan on receiving mail here.

All mail can be picked up in the in Clubhouse. Regular mail will be placed in the mailbox that corresponds with your site number. Larger packages will be placed on the table next to the mail boxes. For outgoing mail there is a white mail box located to the West of the Clubhouse. We work hard at monitoring and organizing the mail for our guests but please keep in mind that we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.